Where Do I Start With This?!

Once someone starts learning a little about processed foods, whole foods, and why the difference is so important, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I know I did, and in all honesty, I still do! When we first started to change our eating habits, the blog posts I came across that were the most helpful were the ones that suggested “baby steps” to eating well. At the time, it was just enough to challenge us and make us feel like we were accomplishing something, but not so hard or overwhelming that it was discouraging.

Here are the posts that I recommend on the subject:

From Kitchen Stewardship, 3 Easy Changes That Won’t Cost Too Much is a great place to start, especially because they don’t cost any extra money.

Stephanie, at Keeper of the Home, did a series of posts on Real Food Makeovers for several families. The Woody Family looks like most people starting out on a real food diet. Learning a lot about what’s good and what’s bad, but not knowing how to apply it.  Stephanie lists several small things that can be done to get on track with healthy eating, including ways to educate yourself, ways to motivate yourself to eat well, and helpful tips for the kitchen.

Lindsay’s post, Baby Steps to Nutritious Eating, is a bit more involved, with 12 steps. You can easily switch up the order a bit, such as trying to use healthy fats before finding a source for grass-fed beef, especially if that’s what is financially feasible for you.

Once you start applying the principles of whole foods, managing all the things you have to do in the kitchen can get overwhelming! This post lists 5 things you can do to make your life a bit easier in the kitchen. I totally agree with the tips Wardeh gives, without doing these things eating well would be a lot harder!

In case you’re wondering, here are the things I started with to change our diets:

  • Change all white bread and flour out with whole wheat bread and flour
  • Eat real butter and real cheese (no “low-fat” products!)
  • Choose one processed thing you buy, and make it from scratch (I started with bread, and moved on to tortillas, pitas, granola, and mayo)

And when you still get overwhelmed (I promise, there will be times!) remember that in the end, peace with God is the only thing that truly matters. You can eat well and feel great physically, but have an empty, black heart needing God’s grace. Only God can give you that. No matter how many times you go to church, do good works, and act “good”, it means nothing if you haven’t asked him to save you from yourself and give you a new heart, and then seen a powerful change.

Let me know if I can help with anything!

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