Healthy and Unhealthy Oils



A lot of people are confused about which oils and fats they should be consuming. The media raves about the evils of saturated fats, but then you met me, and I told you, of all things, that it’s good for you! Hopefully these posts will clear up any confusion and give you a clear direction for what to use in your kitchen.


I decided to break this subject down into a couple of posts, since it’s so broad. This post will deal with saturated fat, and why it’s good for you. The second post will give you information on which oils are healthy to use.


First off, are saturated fats really that bad for you? This post at Kitchen Stewardship explains the so-called evils of saturated fats. It’s a fairly long post, but she gives an excellent argument explaining and refuting the accusations against saturated fats.


Going a little deeper into the saturated fat and cholesterol issue, here’s a post from GNOWFLINS debunking the lipid hypothesis and the myth that high fat causes heart disease.


And, going deeper than most people have the time or desire for, here’s the Weston A. Price Foundation’s collection of articles about fats. The articles are fascinating, covering everything from conola oil, lowfat diets, and my personal favorite, Why the Current US Dietary Guidelines Are Making Americans Fat.


Next up: Part two, explaining which fats and oils you should use, and a post about our new wood stove!

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